Program outcomes of Manufacturing of cosmetics and chemical products

  1. Develop, integrate, and apply knowledge from the foundational sciences to evaluate the scientific literature, explain the cosmetic actions of different products. Design and develop the best formulations for different cosmetic and chemical products.
  2. Carries out compounding procedures to produce an effective and safe cosmetic and chemical product and implements quality control measures and tests in accordance with regulations.
  3. Gain good managerial skills needed in the supply chain as well as managing the manufacturing of cosmetics and chemical plants.
  4. Get good knowledge in the quality management system used in the industry of cosmetics and chemical products; including the quality control, quality assurance, as well as, the good manufacturing practeces
  5. Problem Solving– Identify problems; explore and prioritize potential strategies; and design, implement, and evaluate a viable solution.
  6. Innovation and Entrepreneurship- Engage in innovative activities by using creative thinking to envision better ways of accomplishing professional goals.
  7. Leadership- Demonstrate responsibility for creating and achieving shared goals, regardless of position.
  8. Communication – Effectively communicate verbally and nonverbally when interacting with an individual, group, or organization