Engineering Services Department

The Engineering and Services Department is responsible for providing technical services, maintaining the University’s buildings and facilities, and ensuring the safety and security of all the University’s students, employees, and the MEU campus as a whole. It is made up of three departments: the Services Department, the Security and Protection Department, and the Buildings and Facilities Maintenance Department.
At the Engineering and Services Department, we are dedicated to combating any and all instances of disobedience and violence on the MEU campus, and deploy guards from the Department to patrol all of MEU’s sites and facilities around the clock to continually enforce the Student Security and Safety policy. The Department also fulfills the University’s hygienic maintenance needs by contracting qualified cleaning service providers, and follows up on all maintenance matters with the help of our qualified staff who address the University’s various electric and mechanic needs. Our Department also works towards maintaining all the University’s green spaces and sustainably cares for all the trees and plants on the campus by watering them with recycled and purified used water from the University’s facilities and buildings.