Electronic Payment Steps

1. Students can access MEU’s student page, EduGate, through the homepage of the official MEU website. To get to their personalised information, students must enter their username and password.

2. To access payment information, users must click on the Student Services tab then the Electronic Payment tab.

3. Users should then go into the Installments/Balance tab, where they will be prompted to choose a type of payment.

4. Users should then choose their desired number of hours, and then click the Calculate Hour Fees button.

5. The page will then display the fees required and an e-payment number.

6. Copy the e-payment number into https://www.eFAWATEERCOM.

7. Users will then be given the option to pay according to a listed installment schedule of their choosing till they fulfill their required calculated amount.

8. If users wish to pay in any other installment schedule, regardless of the amount they are paying off, they can also follow the above-mentioned steps.