Why the Middle East University?

Several factors combine to make Middle East University a center of excellence and creativity, including:

1. It adopts constants, including: Working with a team spirit, and focusing on modern technology and application, so that its outputs are of high efficiency and quality.

2. Providing distinguished, theoretical and practical research educational experiences of high quality in accordance with international performance standards.

3. Its commitment to the continuous improvement and development of the quality of its services to its students and employees in order to ensure the quality of its outputs.

4. It adopts the principle of continuous learning and disseminates it among its students and its workers.

5. Providing distinguished advisory and technical services to the local community, and working on solving its problems in creative ways.

6. Its contribution to the continuous development as a knowledge-generating university, and its provision of innovative technical services and studies.

7. Its keenness to establish networks of professional information with the prestigious Jordanian, Arab, and international universities, as well as with the relevant professional associations.

8. Its keenness on the cleanliness and brightness of the place, and the distinction, novelty and attractiveness of the university facilities, so that it remains a place of attraction for souls to relax and to be recognized by the eyes.

9. It has a privileged location on the Queen Alia International Airport road, which is considered one of the most important development areas in Jordan, which enables the university to invest all components of its strength and the components of its development.

10. It is distinguished by a national educational and research institution, in which there are faculty members with high academic ranks and distinguished experiences (30% of them are professors, 20% are associate professors, and 42% are assistant professors). And behaviorally, they represent and implement the university’s vision and mission.

11. Adopting study plans carefully prepared by specialized experts in accordance with international standards consistent with the special accreditation standards for the specialization.

12. Its commitment to continuously developing its curricula to suit international trends and practical reality.

13. Its keenness to ensure that the language of instruction in it is fluent Arabic, while teaching some subjects in the majors in English to meet the needs of the labor market and to excel in competition.

14. Providing many university facilities, prepared according to international standards, including:

15. Modern computerized, paper and electronic library, and wireless internet.

16. Comfortable, air-conditioned classrooms equipped with the latest electronic devices, study seats with international standards, and modern audio-visual technologies consistent with the requirements of information technology.

17. Amphitheaters, theaters and multi-purpose halls equipped with the latest technology.

18. Multiple laboratories, including: Computer Labs, Graphic Design and Protocol Labs, and Education Technology Lab.

19. A radio and television training studio that includes all modern electronic equipment for the production and presentation of presentations and news reports, and it serves multimedia media.

20. Various sports fields and arenas (football, handball, basketball, volleyball, and ground tennis) within international standards and green spaces that provide students with quiet sessions.

21. An advanced health center consisting of a medical clinic, a pharmacy, and an ambulance for the university. The university provides health insurance for its students, and the university’s health services extend to the local community, and to everyone in need of these services.