Quality Assurance Policy

MEU adheres to a quality assurance and management system that allows us to meet the international standards followed by other elite universities. We implement progressive academic practices that produce graduates who work towards academic prominence and find success upon entering the labour market.

We have therefore adopted the following principles:

1. The University is committed to becoming one of the region’s premier academic institutions and produce the leaders of tomorrow.

2. The University uses resources to create a stimulating learning environment that allows MEU students to learn how to effectively use modern technology, perform community service, and contribute to the academic research in their field.

3. The University supports the continuous development of the educational process through developing curricula and study plans that prepare students to meet the requirements of the regional labour market.

4. The University nurtures its talented students by educating them in the disciplines of scientific theory and applied research. The University also teaches students how to develop their entrepreneurial skills and work to improve their country.

5. The University is committed to the continuous application of its quality assurance system.

The University implements these regulations, and adheres to other local requirements as well, to ensure the adoption of quality standards which allow it to achieve its goals and honour its commitments.