Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department is responsible for maintaining a pleasant and professional work environment for MEU’s faculty members and staff, acting as a mediator when needed to solve work-related and interpersonal issues that may arise among University employees. In doing so, it provides MEU employees with a sense of security, ensuring that they remain satisfied, which positively affects their performance and productivity.

The Human Resources Department focuses on executing the University’s guidelines in terms of appointing the required human resources policies which determine the rules for evaluating employee performance, transferring employees from one position within the University to another, promoting employees, determining annual bonuses, and making decisions on employee terminations. Here at the Human Resources Department at Middle East University, we have clear objectives and great expectations of the employees we work to assist and protect as we rely on those very employees to promote and accomplish MEU’s overarching vision and mission. Together, we seek to create a work environment that will give all of our employees the motivation to work together and provide our students with the best education in the Kingdom.