Admission and Registration Procedures for Undergraduate Studies

  1. The student visits MEU campus or reviews the website to ascertain the bases, conditions and documents required for admission in the program.
  2. The student fills the admission application online and attaches along the required documents, and pays the application fees either online or directly from the university.
  3. The admission officer verifies all documents and bases required for admission.
  4. The student checks with the Financial Department to pay the required fees, confirm his/her student number, and determine the amount of credits she/he wants to register.
  5. The student receives an admission certificate.
  6. The student registers the courses and receives his/her academic schedule.
  7. Once the registration procedures are complete, the student is then directed to the Deanship of Student Affairs to issue a university ID.
  8. The Financial Department informs the students with the date and time of the placement tests. The student fills the required form and seals it from the Financial Department before he/ she heads towards the Information Technology Exam to take the test.
  9. The student provides the admission officer with their duly certified transcripts, in addition to a Certificate of Non-Disciplinary Dismissal from the university from which the student is transferred, before the admission officer request an equivalent of the subjects by the determined faculty.