Admission and Registration Procedures for Undergraduate Studies

1- Directing the students to the Admission Section in the Admission and Registration Department to provide them with bulletins showing the specializations available at the university and informing them of the basics and conditions of the admission.

2- The admission officer verifies all the documents of the student. After completing all admission requirements, the student will be referred to the Department of Finance to pay the enrollment fees.

3- The student fills the application form and submits it to the Admission Section with the financial copy (receipt voucher), and the admission officer will check the application.

4- The student will fill a conditional admission form if the required documents are not completed.

5- The student returns to the Department of Finance with the form of the completion of the admission procedures and the form of the placement test to pay the fees of the registration, the insurance and the examination. Then, the university number is given to the student.

6- The student shall go to the admission department after paying the fees to confirm the university number in his/her file and to receive the admission certificate and the university card.

7- The student is referred to the IT Department to sit for the placement tests according to the form of the examination and according to the examination program prepared by the Admission and Registration Department.

8- The student shall go to the finance department to determine the number of hours he/she wants to register. The fees will be paid according to the university’s payment instructions.

9- The student shall check with the registration section in the Admission and Registration Department to register the subjects, taking into account the results of the placement test.

10- In case the student wants to modify the specialization, he/she will fill a form for modifying it.

11-The student who transferred from another university/Diploma (bridging program) shall fill a form for requesting the equivalence of the subjects.

12-The student who transferred from another university will fill the form of interviewing the transferred students.