Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department at MEU provides a wide range of computer services to MEU’s faculty, administrative staff, and students. The IT Department runs and maintains MEU’s official website, where prospective students can apply to MEU and current students can pay off any MEU related bills online. The IT Department is also responsible for managing the campus-wide Wi-Fi access available to all students, staff, and visitors.

The IT Department also supports the centralised authentication system that allows students to access any of the IT services they need through using their singular MEU official username and password. It also provides MEU students with their official student email account, and also gives students access to the online course registration portal, the campus wide printing centers, and the eLearning system.
MEU’s eLearning system provides students with the web-based tools they need to access course materials, submit assignments online, and sit for online quizzes and exams. The course registration portal allows students to register for their courses online, view their grades, and access the teacher evaluation system.

The IT Department also maintains several computer labs on campus, including seven multi-purpose computer labs, two language labs, two specialised IT facility computer labs, and five graphic design programme labs. All of the labs are available to be used by all MEU students during the time that they are vacant, with the exception of the graphics design labs, which are only open to graphic design students when there is no class is in session.

The MEU IT Department provides access to lecture halls and computer labs through a BM (property management) system. Full-service printing services are also available across campus, where students can enter their University ID to meet all their printing needs. Finally, the IT Department also maintains MEU CCTV system, which provides remote video surveillance covering all campus locations and monitor them for safety reasons.