Media & Public Relations Department

The Media and Public Relations Department at Middle East University (MEU) has been an integral part of MEU’s operations since the University’s founding in 2005. It plays a vital role in helping MEU establish and enjoy strong relationships with its fellow local, Arab, and international universities, and also with other educational centers and a variety of scientific, cultural, and educational institutions and organisations.

The Department is dedicated to realising MEU’s vision of achieving its rightful prestigious and globally recognised status as a top international institution, and the Department goes about achieving this by publicising the University’s academic and research-related accomplishments to further bolster MEU’s international reputation. It also acts as a medium for MEU’s global communication with other esteemed international institutions and organisations and collects information to allow MEU to compare its performance to its international counterparts. The Media and Public Relations Department is also responsible for maintaining MEU’s local reputation as well, and it aims to highlight the University’s role in Jordan as a premier academic and research institution by providing local media outlets with various types of coverage about University news on its events and new initiatives.