The Media and Public Relations Department has been an integral part of MEU from the onset, and has played an effective role in building and institutionalizing cooperation and collaboration relationships with various universities, academic and research bodies, and cultural organizations in Jordan, the Arab World and beyond.

The Media and Public Relations Department exerts ongoing efforts to achieve the visions and ambitions of the university, so as to contribute to maintaining its reputable place among world universities. In addition, the Department maintains direct contact with all the faculties and departments at the university to communicate to the world the achievements being achieved at different facilities, and to advance the university’s reputation by announcing academic and research achievements and promoting for the events and activities taking place on or off campus. In general, the Department focuses on the progress being made at the university at various levels and plays a focal point between the university and other stakeholders.

Moreover, the Media and Public Relations Department plays a key role in strengthening the relationships between the university and its peers; that is other international institutions and organizations. This includes collecting and classifying important information and statistics and relying on those to compare the university’s performance level to that of other institutions. It takes the necessary measures to develop and update its work mechanisms in alignment with the changes and updates being witnessed in education sectors in Jordan and beyond.

Other tasks include networking with mass media, including print, television, radio, and electronic media, and providing those with regular news coverage of the university’s news, events and initiatives.

Accordingly, the Department develops the strategies, policies and procedures needed for institutionalizing the development and organization mechanisms governing the university’s relationship with other internal and external entities. It implements local activities and events and establishes the plans needed for promoting the university’s participation in different international forums. And finally, the Department ensures the university’s attendance at different national and international occasions, and contributes to its upholding of its social responsibility towards different social groups.