1. Receiving the guests and visitors of MEU.
2. Coordinating the conferences and events held at the university.
3. Preparing the guest visits agenda and other issues related to those visits.
4. Coordinating with different faculties and departments at the university, providing logistic support, and supervising celebrations and events to ensure they are well executed.
5. Continuously updating the university’s events schedule, and documenting those events (in terms of program, photos, videos and news).
6. Fostering the relations and communication between the university and other educational institutions, both in Jordan and abroad.
7. Building effective partnerships with cultural missions and community institutions.
8. Keeping track of official transactions.
9. Completing the university’s official transactions and those of non-Jordanian academic and the administrative staff members.
10. Submitting the necessary proposals for developing the work mechanisms related to conducting meetings, visits and workshops.
11. Following up with occasions taking place in locally, in other Arab countries, or beyond.
12. Preparing news pieces for the activities, events and academic updates and publishing those of the university’s website and social accounts, and in local press and news websites (and news-coverage of the activities and events held remotely).
13. Regulating publications and posters, and following up with the designs and announcements published in newspapers and magazines.
14. Preparing promotional videos about the university’s activities, events, and participations.
15. Following up with the university’s pages on social accounts.