About the Admission and Registration Department

About Admission and Registration Department

The Admission and Registration Department is vital to MEU’s success, as it is one of the only departments at the University that directly connects to students and faculty members at MEU and to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The Admission and Registration Department is responsible for outlining MEU’s admission policies, helping students with the major-changing process, and running all student registration procedures. The Departments is also in charge of tracking students’ academic affairs from the point of their admission until the day of their graduation, and enforcing the rules of the Certificates and Academic Degrees Granting Guidelines. As the Department is essential to so many University processes, it must be maintained so that it can continue to efficiently serve students during their journeys to academic and professional success.

The Admission and Registration Department consists of three divisions:

First: Admission Division

The Admission Division is responsible for overseeing all student admission procedures and other related follow-up practices. It accepts enrolment applications, and during the student admission process, it follows all admission conditions and guidelines issued by the University’s administration and adheres to all of the specifications for the accreditation of BA and MA programmes as outlined by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It also answers inquiries from potential students interested in applying to MEU, and ensures that all updates made to the application process are also made to the online application portals.

Second: Registration Division

The Registration Division provides students, faculty members, and administrative staff with the necessary services to ensure their academic and professional success. These services include facilitating course registration, calculating course equivalencies, providing lecture halls assignment, and preparing final examination schedules. The Division also generates the necessary reports and statistics needed to make the appropriate administrative decisions on how to best support the educational process at MEU.

Third: Documentation Division

The Documentation Division is responsible for securely organising student records and archiving student documents both electronically and on paper.