General Academic Rules for Undergraduate Studies

Adding and Dropping:

Students are allowed to add and drop courses during the first two weeks of regular semester.

  • Students who drop a course within four weeks of starting regular semester will receive 50%of the tuition fees of the dropped course.
  •  Students who drop a course after four weeks and till the 14th week from starting regular semester will not receive any tuition fees of the dropped course.
  • Dropping a course or semester should be done by filling out the official forms.
  • Students who withdraw from semester are considered deferred. They are allowed to drop the semester before the beginning of final exams according to the academic calendar.
  • In case of absence from any final exam, a student must fill the official form of incomplete within 48 hours from absence and sit for the incomplete exam by the following semester as scheduled by the faculty.

Deferred Semesters:

Maximum allowed deferred semester by the Faculty Dean is (4) semesters and Dean’s Council for maximum 6 semesters.

Deferring semester is only allowed after completing one regular semester.

Alternative Courses:

A student is allowed to have of maximum two alternative courses in the expected graduation semester if:

  •  The compulsory course is not offered during graduation semester or if it conflicts with another course.
  • Failing a compulsory course of minimum three times during the academic study.
  • Non Jordanian students are allowed to take alternative course for military sciences and national education.

Alternative courses must be given by the same department; if this is not available then from the same faculty, and finally if not applicable then from other faculties.

Probation and Dismissal:

  • A student after any first enrolment semester is placed under probation if his GPA is less than (2) points.
  • A student has two semesters to remove the probation and must have a GPA not less than two.
  • A student who passed successfully 75% from the study plan is excluded from dismissal.
  • If student’s GPA is less than (1) point at the end of the 2nd regular semester then student is dismissed from discipline or major.
  • A dismissed student either transfers to another major or into special complementary studies.

Grading System:

The Grading System of Bachelor’s Degree (2015/2016):

Minimum pass grade for each course is (D).

  Cumulative and Semester average grades:

  The minimum cumulative average pass grade is (2.00).