Control and Internal Audit Unit

Osama Al Khalili

Director of the Control and Internal Audit Unit

Ahmed Abu Halima

Head of the Financial Audit Department

Laith Al-Rawajafa

Internal Auditor/Supervisor, occupational safety and health specialist

Yazan Yaghi

Internal Auditor

Safaa Yassin

Administrative Assistant

Riad Alqaq

Internal Auditor

The Control and Internal Audit Unit Duties and Task at Middle East University

1. Enforcing the University’s compliance with the laws, regulations, legislations, and instructions which organise and govern the work its employees undertake.

2. Conducting regular checks to assess all University departments, colleges, and centers that are subject to the audit process in order to ensure that these bodies are abiding by the administrative and financial policies and procedures governing MEU employees.

3. Following up on procedures that are designed to protect the University’s movable and immovable assets.

4. Auditing and controlling the development of procedures that govern the work done by MEU employees, tracking their success, and resultantly making the necessary recommendations in order to improve the University’s overall performance and productivity to allow MEU to achieve its strategic goals.