Since its foundation, the Engineering and Services Department sought the provision of the best possible services, and the maintenance of security and safety for all the University’s frequenters of workers, students, and visitors. The Department seeks the creation of a suitable university environment that maintains the University’s advanced performance. We base our objectives on our belief in academic and professional values, and the nature of this era. With that basis, we set ideas for projects that benefit and extend the longevity of the University’s facilities, and develop the surrounding environment on and off university campus. The workers of all three departments (Services Department, Security and Protection Department, and Buildings and Facilities Maintenance Department) are committed to their shared vision for excellence in providing services that achieve a competitive university environment. By doing so, they stress the significance of the Department’s mission to uplift the quality of engineering and technical services for the University’s infrastructure, and maintain its safety and longevity. We pursue that endeavor by realizing the Department’s objectives, and applying the policies and procedures officially accredited by the University’s presidency.
We focus on combating university violence, and following up with present issues in discretion and seriousness to maintain the safety of students, employees, and visitors. The Department guards sites and facilities around the clock, and monitors all affairs related to the University’s security and safety according to Student Security and Safety policy. The Department also carries out building hygiene duties by contracting with qualified and expert cleaning service providers. We follow up with maintenance works in a professional manner with a qualified staff that meets all needs related to electricity, hygiene, mechanics, air-conditioning, carpentry, and blacksmithing. We also work on sustaining green spaces, trees, and plants with the water provided through the purification station inside the University, after recycling, purifying, and filtering water circulating from the University’s facilities.