Bachelor of Formulation of Cosmetic Chemical Products

The Faculty of Pharmacy at MEU is the only faculty in the region that offers a degree in the applied formulation of cosmetic chemical products. The significance of this program lies in that it provides students with the theoretical sciences and the applied skills necessary for the cosmetics and chemicals sector – the third largest industrial sectors in terms of the size of import in Jordan – preparing them to become experts in this field to guarantee its sustainability and development. The Bachelor of Formulation of Cosmetic Chemical Products links between the sciences of pharmacy and applied chemistry for the student to be able to specialize in designing and developing all sorts of cosmetics of the same high quality as international brands.

Where and what do Formulation of Cosmetic Chemical Products graduates work?

  • Cosmetics expert in cosmetics companies, beauty centers, and research centers specialized in developing these products.
  • As an officer or supervisor in departments responsible for the design, development and quality control of cosmetic products.
  • An officer in the departments responsible for registering and marketing cosmetics in medication warehouses.
  • As an officer or supervisor in departments responsible for the production, manufacturing, and quality assurance of chemicals in chemical factories.
  • A teacher or administrative officer in vocational schools in particular, and in educational institutions and universities in general in areas relevant to the program.

In addition, the Bachelor of Formulation of Cosmetic Chemical Products enables graduates to start their own enterprises in one of the various areas taught during their studies.

Why study Formulation of Cosmetic Chemical Products at MEU?

  1. The only program in the Kingdom and the region that teaches the design and manufacturing of cosmetics and chemicals.
  2. An applied study plan developed in cooperation with the cosmetics sector in Jordan.
  3. A distinguished academic faculty composed of graduates from esteemed international universities.
  4. The university boasts state-of-the-art technologies and classrooms, providing students with an advanced learning experience.
  5. State-of-the-art infrastructure and outstanding student facilities.
  6. Diverse training opportunities at cosmetics and chemicals formulation companies and laboratories.
  7. Free extracurricular training courses provided by the Career Guidance and Alumni Office/King Abdullah II Fund for Development.
  8. A distinctive university environment with a diversity of students.