Objectives and Core Values


1. Qualified and leading pharmacy workforce on the local, regional and global level.
2. High quality academic programs within the framework of an advanced educational environment.
3. Community service and pharmaceutical care.
4. Excellence in scientific research.


1. Produce competent leaders capable of competing on local and international scales.
2. Offer distinct academic programmes within a modern educational environment.
3. Carry out effective community service and pharmaceutical care.
4. Conduct original research

Core Values
1. Distinction
2. Creativity
3. Professionalism
4. Learning and education
5. Governance
6. Community service
7. Globalisation
8. Fellowship and loyalty

Strategic Goals

Faculty of Pharmacy Strategic GoalsMEU Strategic Goals
Graduating professionally and scientifically qualified pharmacists in pharmaceutical and clinical sciencesCreating an attractive and stimulating learning environment for innovation, invention, innovation and entrepneurship
Improving the quality of educational and learning processes in pharmaceutical sciencesCompleting the intellectual and infrastructural capabilities of the smart campus
Expanding student enrollment and enhancing student diversityMaximizing and diversifying the university’s financial resources
Seeking local and international accreditation.Improving the level of scientific research
Establishing innovative academic programs in medical and pharmaceutical specialtiesContinuous improvement of academic programs and plans
Collaboration with the various pharmaceutical sectors.Adopting Governance in the university administration
Providing academic and pharmaceutical services to the communityBuilding and supporting bridges of academic collaboration internally and externally
Improving the quality of scientific research among faculty and studentsBuilding effective partnerships with civil society organizations