Department Head Message

The Department of English Language and Literature was established in 2005. It offers two academic programs: BA in English Language and Literature (135 credit hours) and M.A in English Language and Literatures (33 credit hours), where the student has the option to choose between following a thesis or a non-thesis track (comprehensive exam). At the Department, we encourage our students to engage in memorable experience of studying a wide variety of courses including literature, translation, language, and teaching skills.
At the Department of English Language and Literature, we have been successful in creating a tight-knit community. We are proud of our alumni who are contributing towards the betterment of the country and who have added glory to our University. Rapidly and constantly, our graduates achieved success in their endeavour to acquire leading positions both inside and outside Jordan. They manage to occupy distinguished positions as they possess distinguished traits; our alumni are able to improve their cognitive skills and to put their maximum efforts into any task they are assigned. We take a lot of pride in their aptitude for taking on leadership roles and motivating one another to become successful. We are blessed to have graduates who proved to be trustworthy, self-disciplined and able to think and reason.
We constantly invite our staff to take the next step in their development and improve their teaching and research skills by taking part in training seminars, workshops, social activities, symposia and conferences. In addition, we encourage them to produce and publish high-quality research that contributes towards the ongoing research activities around the globe.

Acting Head of the English Language and Literature Department
Dr. Nasaybah Awajan