Bachelor of Applied Translation

The Bachelor’s Programme in Applied Translation is a specialized programme that provides the necessary foundation and educational experience for students who aspire to be effective and qualified translator, covering (135) credit hours. The programme provides theoretical and practical materials in addition to field training in translation and interpretation. It consists of basic language skills courses in English and Arabic in addition to different translation analytical approaches at the phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic and discourse levels. The programme offers courses in proofreading and specialized types of translation such as legal and technical translations. The programme also keeps pace with the latest technologies in the field of translation by including courses concerned with translation computer skills and translation memory software such as Trados and WinCAPS as well as simultaneous and audiovisual translation. Students will also have the chance to study localization of computer games which is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The programme does not only offer courses in English-Arabic translation but also introduces French to enable students to translate documents from Arabic into French and vice versa. Graduates may have careers in education, translation and interpretation, media, public relations, journalism, government and private institutions.

Where and what do Applied Translation graduates work?
Applied Translation is a discipline that enables graduates to work in different roles, such as:

. 1Graduates of this program can lead successful careers in journalism and media as translators at translation departments or public relations and transaction departments, or as and reporters for news agencies.

. 2Graduates of this program will possess the necessary skills to specialize in the various types of translation and to offer editing and proofreading services.

. 3As translators at embassies, consulates, public and private institutions and international organisations.

. 4Graduates can serve as successful English Language instructors at both the public and private sector schools, and at institutes and universities.

. 5Graduates of this program can play a role in promoting financial, economic and investment activities inside and outside of Jordan within the banking sector.

. 6Graduates of this program can choose to shed light on Jordan’s historical and cultural value and contribute to expanding its economic resources by advertising tourist and archaeological sites to the English-speaking world.

. 7Graduates of this program can work as public relations officers who are vital to establishing an institution’s image and reputation as perceived by the outside community.

. 8Translation for television channels: in subtitling or dubbing foreign films and videos.

. 9Conference centers: as an interpreter or a public relations officer.

In addition, the Bachelor of Applied Translation enables graduates to start their own enterprises in one of the various areas taught during their studies.


Why study Applied Translation at MEU?

.1         Middle East University is the only Jordanian University that offers a specialized Applied Translation program.

.2         The Faculty of Arts and Sciences obtained the Golden Standard of the Quality Assurance Certificate Issued by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions.

.3         The program’s study plan is aligned with local and international labour market requirements, integrating a theoretical approach into a practical one.

.4         A distinguished academic faculty composed of graduates from esteemed international universities.

.5         Free extracurricular training courses provided by the Career Guidance and Alumni Office/King Abdullah II Fund for Development.

.6         The university boasts state-of-the-art technologies and classrooms, providing students with an advanced learning experience.