Instructions of the Department’s Visitors System (Employees)

1. The employee must have the medical form (72) signed by the Dean of their Faculty or the Head of their Department. The form must clearly indicate the time of arrival and departure from the Health Care Department.

2. The employee will arrive at the Department’s reception section, where the receptionist will prepare their medical file. The employee will then wait to be seen by the physician.

3. The receptionist records the relevant patient information in the employee’s file including the employee’s name, university number, Faculty/Department of employment, and the date of the visit.

4. The doctors will then conduct the necessary medical examinations, prescribes the appropriate medicine, and give the appropriate medical recommendations.

5. The doctor decides whether to give the patient a sick leave or not, and decides whether the patient should be transferred to an approved in-network doctor and/or hospital.

6. The patient then receives their prescribed medicine from the department’s pharmacy.

7. The patient’s medical file is returned to reception to be added to the daily patient records with the given recommendation.

8. The student will be able to visit in-network hospitals directly in emergency cases as mentioned in the procedures of health insurance for students.