Health Insurance System Instructions for Employees and Their Families

1. Any employee who desires to enroll in the University’s health insurance plan must be younger than 65 years of age.

2. Any employee interested in enrolling in the University’s health insurance plan must fill out an application form for themselves and for any family members whom they wish to enroll as their dependents at their own personal expense. The application form includes a section where the employee must declare any pre-existing medical conditions and any medications they currently take.

3. Employee insurance cards are distributed to employees and their dependents along with the insurance guide and 10 copies of the annual treatment form.

4. Any hospital visits or treatments received at an in-network hospital will be completely covered and require no copay.

5. Insurance will cover 10% of the expenses generated from any procedures or treatments received at an out-of-network hospital.

6. Treatment at an out-of-network doctor will cost 30% of the total of the medical procedure.

7. Employees must declare any of their own or their dependents’ pre-existing conditions in the health insurance application form. Coverage for the declared pre-existing conditions will begin six months after the start date of their insurance date coverage.

8. The insurance company will notify the MEU Health Care Department about any cases submitted to them that are not covered by the insurance for verification purposes. The report will also be sent to the Finance Department to be deducted from the employee’s paycheck.

9. Insurance claims made by employees and their dependents will be sent to the insurance company through the MEU Health Care Department. The cost of care will be determined, resultantly issued to, and confirmed by the insurance company, which will then send the confirmation to the Financial Department so that they reimburse the employee.

10. Documentation outlining the rules, conditions of treatment, exceptions and stated health insurance waiting periods must be distributed to all employees enrolled in the University insurance plan so that they are aware of the guidelines they need to comply with according to their insurance policy’s regulations.