Duties of Health Care Department

The Department is responsible for providing MEU students and employees with the medical care they need while on campus.

Our Department’s various responsibilities include:

1. Offering medical examinations after checking students’ University IDs or employee’s insurance cards, and documenting each patient’s personal information on their respective patient record.

2. Conducting medical examinations for patients performed by the Department’s doctors, and documenting any medicines prescribed to the patient during the visit on the patient’s medical file.

3. Dispensing any prescribed medications from the University’s pharmacy and complying with the relevant legal and medical regulations.

4. If a patient’s case requires laboratory and/or radiology testing, the Department is responsible for transferring those patients’ cases to medical centers from within MEU’s approved medical network.

5. Transferring conditions that require more comprehensive medical attention to doctors and hospitals within the Department’s network.

6. Following-up on the admission of patients to in-network hospitals in coordination with MEU’s approved insurance company.

7. Stocking the pharmacy with the necessary medicines to meet the daily demand it faces.

8. Giving students and employees sick leave permission as outlined by the sick leave regulations for employees and university students.

9. Following up with the daily insurance claims they file with the insurance company in accordance to the terms of the insurance agreement.

10. Providing daily medical services to patients who need them, including changing bandages and giving injections.

11. Registering all the department’s visitors in the daily patient roster.

12. Documenting the daily count of sick leave allowances granted to students and employees on a specialised list.

13. Preparing departmental reports that meet the Presidency office’s standards and submitting them to University officials.