Learning Outcomes

Bachelor Programs

Architecture Engineering Program

The program is designed to graduate students who are able to:

1. Implement concepts of architecture with high proficiency.
2. Keep pace with intellectual and practical developments to fulfill the varying needs of society.
3. Understand the importance of local heritage and preserve it.
4. Understand the diverse civilizations of the world and boost cultural exchange.
5. Apply iovation and critical thinking on various fields of Architecture.
6. Find creative and iovative solutions for various design dilemmas.
7. Use high skills in expressing and communication.
8. Continuously learn conduct research and apply it in professional practices.
9. Adhere to professional ethics and principles of practice.

Graphic Design Program

This program is designed to graduate students who are able to:

1. Employ modern software in producing graphic designs.
2. Apply iovative ideas to create new designs.
3. Analyze aesthetic aspects in artwork and designs.
4. Evaluate iovative ideas and designs.
5. Communicate with society by the use of designs and visual ideas.
6. Employ technical skills in designs and sketches.
7. Work in teams.

Masters Programs

Graphic Design Program

The expected outcomes from this program are to ensure the preparation of graduates to:

1. Conducting authentic research and learn how to apply them in the academic community and commercial contexts.
2. Solving problems while enhancing the writing skills, criticism, evaluation, and exhibiting.
3. Publicizing graphic design through original and emerging Fields to affect the environment, people Lives, their cultures and their
4. Adopting the design concept and Learn necessary skills to capture and reformulate the design, and link it to contemporary culture.