Bachelor of Product Design

Product Design is one of the key disciplines that help develop nations’ economies, as is addresses the needs of users and offers them the elements of safety, comfort and wellbeing they need. This discipline is concerned with designing products that have an engineering nature, achieving both a practical function and an aesthetic one. Apart from that, it focuses on the ergonomic requirements of a given product, which is concerned with human factors (measurement, anatomy, psychological aspects, physiological aspects, and ecological aspects).

In this specialization, the students study a range of courses that focus of engineering, creativity, culture, computer-aided design, and advanced digital methods of designing and building prototypes. This helps prepare graduates that are qualified to join the job market, and that are familiar with the types, specifications and production methods of textiles. They will be able to estimate the cost of product samples, which will enable them to establish their own projects for innovative products that address the continuous requirements of global fashion and achieve symbolic empathy between the product and the user. Examples of that include lighting units, kitchens, children toys, bottles, cars and others.


Where and what do Product Design graduates work?

Product Design offers many opportunities for students to work in different areas and sectors, as:

  • Quality Officer of the product lines that have an engineering nature, and at factories and production companies.
  • Designer in one of the following areas:

Building material 3D prototypes for the purposes of architecture, manufacturing, exhibitions and others.

Producing bottles: for perfumes, cleaners, oils, suckling bottles and others.

Amusement parks.

Developing the machinery for designing and manufacturing molds for bus production lines, and a supervisor of assembly and    finishing.

Space designer for airports, hospitals, libraries and others.

In addition, the Bachelor of Product Design enables graduates to start their own enterprises in areas including: furniture design and manufacturing, kitchen design, lighting design, in addition to designing childrens toys and developing cars and others. It also provides them with the opportunity to establish projects that use CNC machines to produce the first, fully operating prototypes of a product.

Why study Product Design at MEU?

1. Middle East University is the only university in Jordan that teaches a bachelor’s program specialized in product design, in accordance with the international standards of teaching this program and with taking regional and international universities as a reference.

2. An excellent academic staff composed of graduates from some of the most sophisticated international universities.

3. A modern syllabus that offers a learning and training content that aligns with international standards in this area.

4. A digital lab that includes several modern digital machines that is necessary to build fully-operating prototypes.

5. Practical training on operating digital machinery and field visits to different production locations.

6. The university boasts state-of-the-art technologies and classrooms, providing students with an advanced learning experience.