Bachelor of Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering is not merely science; it is a close relationship between art and science, as they overlap in human, social, cultural and environmental criteria. Architecture is an engineering branch concerned with building, design, and construction, but it is also the science of designing buildings that serve the human physical need to houses, schools, hospitals and others. It also addresses moral needs such as safety and security, made possible through using particular construction materials. Moreover, architecture is closely related to city design and urban planning.

Where and what do Architecture Engineering graduates work?

Graduates of Architectural Design can work as engineers in design and supervision, as directors, researchers or material technology specialists at various public and private entities, such as:

  • Public entities such as municipalities.
  • Engineering offices and engineering projects companies.
  • Consulting companies.
  • Interior design.
  • Construction companies.
  • Private offices.
  • Education and teaching.

In addition, the Bachelor of Architectural Engineering enables graduates to start their own enterprises in one of the various areas taught during their studies.

Why study Architecture Engineering at MEU?

  1. A syllabus that is up to date with the needs of the local and international market.
  2. A distinguished academic faculty composed of graduates from esteemed international universities.
  3. The university boasts state-of-the-art technologies and classrooms, providing students with an advanced learning experience that prepares them for the job market.
  4.  The faculty of engineering, which teaches the program, signs agreements with various sectors to provide work opportunities for graduates.
  5. Free extracurricular training courses provided by the Career Guidance and Alumni Office/King Abdullah II Fund for Development.
  6. Students have the opportunity to participate in various local and international contests of architectural engineering.
  7. The faculty signs agreements with various engineering offices and other stakeholders specialized in architecture and building design to provide work opportunities for graduates.