Department Head Message

The Department of Architecture was founded in the academic year 2010/2011 and welcomed its first students for the fall semester of the following year. The five-year Bachelor Degree Program of our Department offers a wide range of subjects related to various fields and disciplines including pure science, the humanities, engineering, technology, and art, both in theory and practice, where students may begin to formulate a solid basis for their future careers as empowered architects, in accordance with our slogan, “Knowledge Is Power”.

With this vast knowledge backed by intellectual and practical skills, the graduates of the Department of Architecture are qualified for an unlimited range of careers in architecture, art, and design in general: the design of buildings, landscape design, urban design, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, stage set design, etc. Some architects are even known to have designed automobiles or yachts! An architect may also work as a building project manager and site engineer, among other things. As for those interested in an academic career, they may continue their studies to obtain a Master’s or Doctoral degree in any branch of architecture of their choice, be it architectural design in general or in a specific field, urban design, architectural technology, the history-theory-criticism of architecture, etc. to qualify them to teach and become professors in their respective fields. Architecture from the viewpoint of our Department is not merely a career opportunity. It soon becomes a career, a passion, and a whole way of life.

Head of Department of Architecture
Dr. Shaden Abu Safia