Vision and Mission


Pioneering science, education, scientific research, and community service in architecture and design.


Create an educational environment that accompanies development to prepare creative cadres that meet the needs of society in architecture and design.


1. Establishing principles of governance in college administration to achieve leadership.
2. Providing a learning environment that is capable of achieving creativity and excellence
3. Developing the competencies of designers by keeping pace with global and technological developments.
4. Improve academic programs and plans to keep pace with developments in architecture and design.
5. Exchanging knowledge with academic and research institutions.
6. Contributing to the development of the financial resources of the college through consultations and research that serve the local community.
7. Motivating the teaching staff and students to conduct scientific research and provide pilot projects in the field of specialization.
8. Communicating with the community to meet its needs in the fields of architecture and design.