Bachelor of Graphic Design


Graphic Design is a creative process that aims to deliver a message using visuals, enticing minds more than any written material. One of the most important responsibilities of a designer is creating visual images or presentations that convey specific messages to their audience; those are seen in magazines, books, logos, movies, animations, road signs, product packaging, billboards, commercial materials, and websites, to name some. Designers work with colors, drawings, letters, illustrations, images and lines to mold the world in the way they want the audience to see it. Graphic designers play a major role in the success of the marketing goals and communications of commercial and non-commercial companies. The increasing use of technology helped activate the translator’s role. In addition, various computer software have emerged, such as the Adobe series, which considerably changed the game in terms of graphic design. It follows that any person with technical knowledge and an artistic ability can easily enter this interesting area.

Where and what do Graphic Design graduates work?

1 . Advertising companies, advertising agencies, printing presses, digital content, trademarks, websites and anything that serves e-marketing.

2 . Designing product packages.

3 . Photo editing studios; designing animations and multimedia.

4 . Teaching art and graphic design at schools and institutes; delivering specialized training courses at art institutes.

In addition, the Bachelor of Law enables graduates to start their own enterprises in one of the various areas taught during their studies.


Why study Graphic Design at MEU?

1 . The syllabus is designed to accommodate to the local and international job market by combining between theory and practice.

2 . State-of-the-art devices in labs and classrooms, offering students the best educational environment.

3 . An excellent academic staff composed of graduates from some of the most sophisticated international universities.

4 . The faculty has partnerships with different sectors for training and recruitment.

5 . The faculty provides free, complementary training courses in coordination with the Career Guidance and Alumni Office.

6 . Students have the opportunity to participate is various local and international design competitions in graphic design.

7. The university signs agreements with advertising companies to provide work opportunities for the graduates of the faculty.