Department Head Message

The Department, which was established in 2005 at the Middle East University (MEU), is a pioneer in offering a Master’s Degree in media within the standards set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to meet the needs and ambitions of workers in media and people who are interested in it.

The Master’s program includes two tracks
First: Thesis track, including (33) credit hours; (15 hours) are obligatory courses, and (9) hours are elective courses chosen from a range of courses in the Department, and an additional (9) hours for the completion of the Master’s thesis.

Second: Comprehensive exam track, which requires that students successfully complete (33) credit hours then sit for and pass a comprehensive exam which links the basic knowledge concepts with the specialized ones presented in the completed courses. Students are granted the Master’s degree after passing the comprehensive exam.

Generally, the program offers theoretical and practical courses that contribute to increasing knowledge among students in various domains of media such as the press, radio and television, public relations, mass media, and advertising. As a result of the outstanding reputation of the program, the department witnesses a high demand of workers in various domains of media in Jordan and the Arab countries.Students from other majors can join the program after passing (9) credit hours that are named by the Department.

The Head of the Press and Media Department
Dr. Ramez Abu Hasira