Bachelor of Journalism & Media

Throughout this program, students will acquire specialized knowledge and general culture that will qualify them for working in journalism and mass media, and equip them with updated knowledge about the developments in this field, both on the academic and the professional levels. Such knowledge will be the foundation for heightened professional values they will use in their professional lives.


Where and what do Journalism and Media graduates work?

Graduates from the Journalism and Media program will be able to work as a journalist or media specialist in newspapers, both paper and electronic. They can also work as media spokespersons, as media representatives of news agencies and various similar institutions, as reporters for radio stations and television channels, or as employees at media and public relations departments at public institutions.

In addition, the Bachelor of Journalism and Media enables graduates to start their own enterprises in one of the various areas taught during their studies.


Why study Journalism and Media  at MEU?

  1. A practical, integrated syllabus that provides students with the skills they need to become media professionals ready to enter the job market.
  2. A distinguished academic faculty composed of graduates from esteemed international universities, and media practitioners.
  3. A professional media training center that is open to students. The center has studios for radio and television broadcasting, as well as montage units and digital labs.
  4. Free extracurricular training courses provided by the Career Guidance and Alumni Office/King Abdullah II Fund for Development.
  5. The faculty signs agreements with various media sectors to provide training and work opportunities for graduates.