Alumni Features

Graduates of the Bachelor’s Program in Journalism and Mass Communication are characterized by the following knowledge, skills, and competencies:


1. Knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of the journalism and mass communication profession and its ethics.

2. Ability to employ writing and editing skills for all media (radio, television, print and digital journalism), in all its forms, arts and genres, including news, reports, articles, interviews, investigations and journalistic stories.

3. Mastery of all the practical skills needed by a journalist, such as: preparation, language skills, photography, presentation, interviewing

design, computer skills, dealing with digital programs and tools.

4. Ability to employ public relations, crisis management, conferences and events skills at the local, Arab and international levels.

5. Ability to use the technology needed by journalists to work in digital news sites.

6. Ability to conduct media research and public opinion polls, through field surveys.

7. Ability to express oneself and communicate effectively with others, work as part of a team, and possess critical and constructive thinking skills