Welcome to the Department of Digital Media at the media faculty. Digital media plays a vital role in our world today, as digital media develops rapidly and occupies a major position in the media industry. If you are interested in the field of digital media, our department is the right place for you to start your distinguished media journey.
If you begin studying the digital media major, you will obtain general and specialized media skills in digital media in order to produce innovative digital content, whether visual, audio, or written. Through our media practitioners, you will be able to acquire the knowledge, education, and skills that qualify you. To enter the labor market, your job opportunities will vary through traditional job opportunities in the press, radio, and television, in addition to working on digital news sites, in the digital written, audio, and visual content industry, and in managing specialized pages on social media platforms. Different, writing articles are friendly engines Search, and others.
We invite you to visit the faculty page website for more information about the Digital Media Department. You can also contact us if you would like to obtain more details about the department or our study programs at the faculty.
Head of the Digital Media Department
Dr.. Mahmoud Al-Rajabi