Library Department


The library was established with the University itself in 2005. It aimed to provide the students as well as the Academic and Administrative Staffs and the local community with different sources of information which meet the needs of scientific research.

The library arranges the information resources through indexing and classification in order to help researchers and beneficiaries. The Library building now consists of one floor with a total area of 3662 square meter which entertains 600 students in the same time . It is divided into one hall: the Circulation branch, the Arabic books section , the English books section , and the references, journals and theses section . All these are equipped with the most modern devices and facilities.

In addition to that we have computer lab hall and multimedia hall next to the library .

The Strategy

Our Strategy aims at cooperating with the university libraries and the scientific institutions in the local and international levels, and improving the library standards and promoting the levels of research and training researchers and students and preparing them to access specialized information, to help them in conduction their research and to improve their knowledge comprehensively and to keep base with the advancements of knowledge.

The Library Collection contains more than (34.000) of titles or around 60.000 books as text books , references, dictionaries and Master theses in Arabic and English languages. All the materials of the library are computerized by the (ILS) integrated library system Koha ( open source ) . The library also subscribes to (30) paper journals in both Arabic and English languages distributed according to the major subjects in the Master and Bachelor Degrees.

The library Catalogue is available through the website link of the university and the same as to MEU Theses to the following link

One of the most important departments in the library is the Electronic Library. It is equipped with computers connected with the internet. The library subscribes with the following databases ( all of below can be access through the E-Learning of MEU Site )

(Proquest) for theses and dissertation and it contains 2.4 million title full text.

Jordan University Theses ( Abstracts )

Dar Al Mandumah for theses and dissertations ( Full Text )

Emerald for e- journals for business .

Ebsco for e- journals for all fields of knowledge more than 24.000 title .

Ebrary for e-books and it contains around 140.000 title .

AskZad for e-books , theses and e-journals in Arabic and English

Adalah for Law college.

. The library uses the Anglo American Cataloguing Rules, the Dewey decimal classification edition 22 in both paper and electronic forms and International Standard Bibliographic Description .


Library Vision

Excellence in the provision of services in order to achieve a competitor university environment.

The Library future vision is to support and increase the international electronic databases, electronic books and journals and to make the library one of the best electronic libraries using the latest international systems to save and retrieve information according to the registration mark.

Library Mission

Provide the most diverse sources of information to contribute to the configuration of the environment in a creative field of scientific research and community service. And mission of to provide educational resources with different specializations and to make ready a suitable and quiet atmosphere for the beneficiaries and to give complete services for all students and administrative and academic staffs .

The library is open all the week days except Thursday and Friday. Working hours are Saturday – Wednesday from 8 mornings till 8 evening .

Library Objectives

1. Keep pace with the environment of information resources in various majors.

2. Provide excellent services to the beneficiaries .

3. Provide a qualified administrative staff to meet the needs of the beneficiaries.

4. Using the latest systems to get the information and resources available in the library.

5. Cooperate with local and international libraries.




[mvc_team_profile image_id=”5819″ memb_name=”Ibrahim Fayoumi” memb_prof=”Library Director”]
[mvc_team_profile image_id=”5821″ memb_name=”Hana Odeh” memb_prof=”Acting Head of Dep. Technical Processing”]
[mvc_team_profile image_id=”5823″ memb_name=”Yazeed Na’es” memb_prof=”Librarian / Division of Reference services and Theses.”]
[mvc_team_profile image_id=”5825″ memb_name=”Husni Masallha” memb_prof=”Librarian/ Division of circulation”]
[mvc_team_profile image_id=”5827″ memb_name=”Hashim Al Hrout” memb_prof=”Librarian/ Division of circulation”]
[mvc_team_profile image_id=”5829″ memb_name=”Mo’tasim Minshawi” memb_prof=”Administrative assistant”]