Department of Student Activities

The Department of Student Activities is made up of three divisions: the Division of Sports Activities, the Division of Art Activities, and the Division of Cultural and Social Activities.

The Division of Sports Activities’ main goal is to spread awareness of the importance of sports and physical activity at MEU and encourage students, staff, and faculty members alike to be active during their free time.

It is responsible for organising internal and intra-institutional sports tournaments according to the expressed interest of students and staff in particular sports and activities, and it also runs practice sessions to prepare MEU’s competitors for victory. The Division of Sports Activities utilizes the University’s many state of the art indoor and outdoor activity facilities including the sports fields, sand courts, and gymnasiums to help the MEU community get in the best shape of their lives.

The Division of Art Activities is dedicated to providing students with the opportunities and means to pursue artistic hobbies and develop their creative talents in the realms of visual art, poetry, music, and theatre. The Division supports students who aspire to develop a new artistic hobby by organising and providing a variety of courses including singing lessons, lessons in playing a variety of instruments, dabkeh lessons, painting lessons, and theatre arts workshops. The Division even sponsors student bands, providing them with rehearsal spaces, and supports MEU’s artists as they enter various artistic festivals and competitions to showcase their creations.

The Division of Cultural and Social Activities is responsible for instilling MEU students with a sense of social awareness and a desire to help develop their communities. Through organising workshops, specialised seminars, and other volunteer initiatives, the Division encourages students to commit to serving society and create a generation of helpful individuals dedicated to bettering their communities and nations. The Division of Cultural and Social Activities also dedicates a considerable amount of effort to advertising their events in a bid to encourage student participation.