Dean’s Message

The Deanship of Student Affairs represents the main line of communication between students and the University. As the student experience is the most important aspect of the educational process, the Deanship is dedicated to providing MEU students with all the resources and support they need during their time at the University so that they graduate and become the highly educated leaders of tomorrow. The Deanship strives to provide an atmosphere with the necessary supportive social and environmental qualities that will give students a platform for dialogue, where they can comfortably express their opinions and ask for what they need. The Deanship also organises a number of extracurricular activities that are designed to prepare our students for a future full of community service.

The Deanship of Student Affairs aims to connect students to the University’s various units and to their local community in an effort to deepen their sense of responsibility and instill them with a sense of entrepreneurship and a deep respect for excellence that will lead them to future success.

Dr. Ayman Khazaleh
Acting Dean of Student Affairs