Department of Student Services

The Department of Student Services consists of the Division of Student Services, which is responsible for monitoring the quality of the amenities MEU offers its students, and the Division of Student Expatriates, that is responsible for all affairs related to MEU’s international student body.

The Division of Student Services provides a wide range of student-related benefits and student care resources in terms of recreation and academics. It is the first official body to welcome MEU’s newest students, and the last body that MEU students interact with at their graduation ceremonies, which the Division helps organise. The Division supervises all student organisations, associations, and clubs, facilitates the elections of their administrative bodies, and provides other services such as issuing certificates of good conduct to students who meet the University’s guidelines, and managing scholarships and loan requests. The Division also runs the University’s Lost and Found center.

The Division of Student Expatriates assists the international students at MEU with adjusting to university life and life in Jordan. It organises meetings with international students to continuously keep tabs on their experience at MEU, thoughtfully listen to their feedback, and address any concerns they may have. The Division also helps international students organise events to celebrate their national occasions in an effort to promote intercultural exchange and respect on MEU’s campus.

Strengthening the bonds of love and brotherhood between Jordanian students and their brothers from international students by establishing relations that bring them together to introduce international students to the cultural and tourist attractions in Jordan through continuous visits and trips, holding periodic meetings with cultural attachés, participating in activities that introduce the culture, customs and traditions of their countries, which conveys a civilized image of them, and visiting embassies and cultural attachés to discuss the affairs and conditions of international students.

Assistance in providing suitable accommodation for international students.

Creating awareness about cultural diversity

Receiving complaints and suggestions of international students

Proceed with the procedures for issuing annual residence for international students of restricted nationality by addressing the official authorities after providing the office with the necessary papers and required documents

Issuing entry visas for the purpose of studying for international students of restricted nationality for those who are outside the country and chose the Middle East University as a destination for their studies after providing the office with the necessary papers and required documents

Proceed with the procedures for renewing the residence for international students on an annual basis after providing the office with the necessary papers and required documents.

Obtaining the annual residence ID for students from the security center through the university representative.

Proceed with the procedures for transferring sponsorship (residence permit) for international students, if necessary.

Issuing Jordanian customs books related to non-Jordanian university students wishing to obtain cars with temporary entries.

Providing moral and social support to students


Support center for Minority/Ethnic Groups

Support center for Minority/Ethnic Groups, ensure to provide moral and social support for the students. Organize engaging programs to enrich different cultural identities and create awareness about the cultural diversity among the students.

Minority Support Division


This division aims to support and enhance the experience of students from diverse nationalities at the university. It serves as an important resource for students facing specific challenges due to their nationalities or cultures as ethnic minorities at the university. The division works to provide academic, social, and cultural support to these students, with the goal of enhancing their academic success and integration into both university and local communities.


The center’s roles include organizing communication and cultural events, providing academic and legal consultation and support, and offering training courses to develop skills for students, women, minorities, and individuals with special needs.


Division Objectives:

  1. Providing a supportive and encouraging environment for students from minority nationalities and cultures at the university.
  2. Promoting communication and understanding between students from different nationalities and cultures and the university community.
  3. Providing academic and social support for students from minority nationalities and cultures, as well as women and individuals with special needs, to ensure their academic success and social integration.
  4. Encouraging cultural interaction and exchange between students from different nationalities and cultures and local students.



  1. Organizing communication and cultural events that bring students together to enhance communication and understanding.
  2. Providing consultation and academic support services for minority students to assist in adapting to university life.
  3. Organizing training courses to develop language, communication, and cultural adaptation skills for students from minority nationalities and cultures.
  4. Providing legal and social support for students from minority nationalities in cases of discrimination or personal difficulties.