Vision and Mission

Provide excellent student services.

Establish an interactive university environment that endorses students’ talents and interests by organizing extracurricular


1. Cement students’ patriotism and active citizenship.
2. Develop students’ skills and talents to meet labour market needs and requirements.
3. Promote students’ ethics and morals.
4. Provide student services that keep pace with technological advancements.
5. Encourage students to participate in volunteer work.
6. Promote leadership and initiative to develop innovative and entrepreneurial ideas.
7. Award outstanding students’ efforts.
8. Keep in touch with alumni.
9. Assist in establishing a safe and attractive university environment


1. Launch initiatives.
2. Enhance capabilities.
3. Develop positive relations.
4. Advance expertise.


Core Values

1. Constant development.
2. Team-work.
3. Positive empowerment.
4. Combat violence and extremism.
5. Distinction.
6. Justice and equality.