Bachelor of Law

Law is life, as it allows individuals to know their rights and obligations. And law is written in the form of the constitution, and extends in the form of bylaws, regulations and instructions that regulate our transactions on all life levels.

The program enables law students to recognize the mechanisms followed to understand law in its legal framework, meaning that it relies on just, integral judicature, and other means to resolve disputes in accordance with the legal legislations in force.

Where and what do law graduates work?

Studying law opens to graduates many opportunities on both the professional and the personal levels. This encompasses the roles of lawyer, judge, legal counselor, an officer at administrative or legal departments, or a coordination and supervising officer at different state entities, international and local organizations, companies and banks, grand commercial groups and others.

Those who study law can also assume high-profile leading roles in central and non-central authorities. In addition, they can work in the academic field at different educational institutions.

In addition, the Bachelor of Law enables graduates to start their own enterprises in one of the various areas taught during their studies.

Why study law at MEU?

  1. The Faculty of Law that teaches this program received the Quality Assurance Certificate (Golden Level) issued by the Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC).
  2. The syllabus is designed to accommodate to the local and international job market by combining between theory and practice.
  3. An excellent academic staff composed of graduates from some of the most sophisticated local and international law schools.
  4. The faculty provides free, complementary training courses in coordination with the Career Guidance and Alumni Office.
  5. The university provides an integrated formal court to guarantee the best practices.
  6. The faculty has held several agreements with civil society organizations to guarantee job opportunities for graduates.
  7. MEU is the only university where the bar examination is held.
  8. The faculty has participated in a host of international conferences and symposiums and has ranked high in several of them.
  9. The faculty ranked first among public and private universities in the university proficiency examination for 6 times in a row.