The Library Building

The Library Department building is spacious and designed according to the latest designs used in university libraries. It is located in a convenient place within the campus, characterized by good ventilation and sufficient natural and fluorescent lighting. In addition, the building is equipped with the latest central heating and cooling systems, general safety systems, and security gates. It consists of one floor with a total area of approximately 2627 m², accommodating around 700 users simultaneously.



The collections of information resources are distributed across various sections, including:

  • Arabic Books Section.
  • Arabic and Foreign References Section.
  • Dissertations and University Theses Section.
  • Foreign Books Section.
  • Graduation Projects Section.
  • Academic Journals Section.

The building contains also:

  • Electronic Library, consisting of 23 computer stations connected to the internet, allowing users to access and use electronic databases subscribed to by the Library Department.
  • Meeting Hall.
  • Administrative offices.
  • Prayer room.