The Library Building

The library building was designed according to the most updated designs used in university libraries. Attention was given for situating this building in a good location in the university, with good ventilation and sufficient natural and florescent lighting. In addition to this, the library is equipped with central heating and cooling systems, taking into consideration the general safety requirements of fire lighting, alarm devices and fire extinguishers.


The library building consists of one floor with a total area of 4000 square meter:

includes the collections for References, Periodicals , Theses and the Arabic books, the foreign books, in addition to the library administrative offices.


Equipments and Furniture

The library has been equipped with the suitable and needed furniture with the latest standards and specifications that are agreed upon locally and internationally to allow it perform its mission. In the best possible way.

There are special shelves for books, periodicals, references, reading tables, private booths, (single and double) and comfortable seats and counters.


Library Departments

1- Department of Technical Processing

2- Department of Library Services.

3- Department of Electronic Library .