The Strategy

The library department’s strategy derived from the university’s strategy, aiming to provide distinguished library services that align with quality assurance standards and local and international accreditations. This is achieved by adopting a set of objectives and earnestly seeking to achieve them, including:

  • Finding common areas for collaboration with university libraries and scientific institutions locally and internationally. (Middle East University Library is a member and founder of the Center of Excellence for Library Services for Private Universities under Princess Sumaya University since 2020).
  • Continuous improvement in instructions, policies, and procedures to ensure the delivery of high quality, excellent services.
  • Promoting a culture of scientific research and training researchers and students, preparing them properly to access specialized information resources.
  • Developing collections and keeping abreast of the latest information resources in both traditional and electronic forms.
  • Studying the needs of patrons carefully to develop methods and procedures that meet those continuous changed needs.
  • Providing and training a qualified staff members having capability of meeting the patrons needs.
  • Developing electronic virtual work, providing services, and performing tasks remotely.
  • Using the latest systems to organize collections and access available information and resources.