Vision and Mission


Excellence in the provision of services in order to achieve a competitor university environment.

The Library future vision is to support and increase the international electronic databases, electronic books and journals and to make the library one of the best electronic libraries using the latest international systems to save and retrieve information according to the registration mark.


Provide the most diverse sources of information to contribute to the configuration of the environment in a creative field of scientific research and community service. And mission of to provide educational resources with different specializations and to make ready a suitable and quiet atmosphere for the beneficiaries and to give complete services for all students and administrative and academic staffs .

The library is open all the week days except Thursday and Friday. Working hours are Saturday – Wednesday from 8 mornings till 8 evening .


1. Keep pace with the environment of information resources in various majors.

2. Provide excellent services to the beneficiaries .

3. Provide a qualified administrative staff to meet the needs of the beneficiaries.

4. Using the latest systems to get the information and resources available in the library.

5. Cooperate with local and international libraries.