Learning Outcomes

Bachelor Programs

Educational Technology

This program is designed to graduate students who are able to:

1. Employ programs of e-authoring in designing and producing multimedia software.
2. Implement e-learning systems, such as the Module System.
3. Manage learning resources centers such as the comprehensive library.
4. Design and produce traditional and digital educational materials.
5. Design and implement educational matrix “Modules”.

Masters Programs

Curriculum and Teaching Methods Program

This program is designed to prepare graduate students who are able to:

1. Participate in the process of developing school curricula.
2. Analyze and evaluate school curricula.
3. Provide consultations and services to educational institutions.
4. Provide teaching plans by adopting specific teaching methods and techniques.
5. Participate in preparing school books according to specialty.
6. Prepare teachers’ guide books according to specialty.
7. Prepare programs and training courses in teaching methods and thinking skills.
8. Conduct research and studies in the field of specialty.

Educational Administration and Leadership Program

This Program is designed to prepare graduate students who are able to:

1. Prepare training courses for managers and supervisors.
2. Conduct researches and studies in the field of Educational Administration and Leadership.
3. Prepare educational plans at the district levels.
4. Able to communicate in the administrative and educational work.
5. Hold administrative and leadership positions at educational institutions.
6. Conduce field supervision to observe the progress of work at educational institutions.
7. Perform administrative and educational duties.