Dean’s Message

Based on the endeavor of the faculty of educational sciences for leadership and excellence in the fields of education and teaching to its students in a way that contributes to their position In the forefront of competition in the labor market, the faculty is based on the vision of the university in the continuous pursuit of improvement and development to be a learning faculty .

The faculty depends on providing all that is required in order to reach distinct educational outputs, whether by providing distinguished faculty members or providing on educational environment that stimulates creativity and leadership through an attractive educational environment. The scientific research is the main focus on the work of the faculty, and this shows in the field of publishing research in international scientific journals, as well as participation in local and international conferences.

the faculty of educational sciences was established at the Middle East University (MEU) in 2005. It includes the department of administration and curricula and the department of special education and educational technology. Since its establishment, (676) Male and female students from these two departments have graduated by (496) and (180) graduates from each department respectively.

The first department includes a master’s degree in the field of administration and educational leadership and the curricula and teaching methods. This specialization helps learners in evaluating the curricula of the different stages to ensure that they comply with the latest contemporary planning standards for the curricula. It also earns them the knowledge, skills and desirable trends to develop the curricula in light of educational developments in this field.

The specialization of administration and educational leadership comes to be a vital source for the employees in the field of education, including administrators, educational supervisors, teachers and other leaders because it plays an important role in their careers. Such specialization helps learners to know the leadership characteristics needed by the administrator, wherever he is located and helps in raising them to face the ethical challenges faced by leaders in their relations with employees in educational institutions.

The other department is special education and educational technology. This department offers the master program in information and communication technology in education, and the Bachelor program in educational technology. This specialization is concerned with the use of technology in the teaching and learning processes, the design and production of educational materials and their integration in different curricula.

The faculty has sought to improve the level of scientific research and graduate studies. Research has been published for faculty members with in the (Scopus) database, as well as the development of research skills of graduate students, through the low percentage of plagiarism in university these. The faculty has encouraged students to participate in extracurricular activities at the university and community levels.

Acting Dean of Faculty of Educational Sciences
Dr. Ahmad Al–Hamouz