Alumni Features

Bachelor Programmers

Accounting, Science and Banking and Finance

The Bachelor degree graduates in accounting and banking———have the following:
• The basic knowledge and professional qualification in different fields of financeand accounting.
• The ability to think,analyze and find effective measures in solving problems.
• The ability to lead and work as part of team effectively according to norms and standards.
• Utilizing the latest technology and programs in accounting and finance.
• Keeping up to date and enhancing his ability and creativity through self-learning.


Financial Technology

• Financial institutions: commercial banks, Islamic banks, and specialized banks.
• Insurance companies: conventional, and Takaful (Islamic).
• Financial markets.
• Financial intermediaries.
• Various credit card companies.
• Electronic payment services companies, such as (eFAWATEERcom).
• Investment institutions, mutual funds, and investment portfolio managers.
• Existing and emerging technology companies providing software and various electronic financial applications.
• Establish a leading financial technology company.