About the Department

On behalf of myself and my colleagues the faculty members of the finance and banking department, am glad to welcome you on the electronic website of the department. The site was created to be  a link between the department ,the individuals and establishments and to furnish them with the information about the department, its goals and educational philosophy.

The accounting and Finance field is considered an important field with great influence on the economy. Hence the department is keen on training qualified persons through keeping up with the latest scientific and professional developments and the continuous upgrading of the curriculums at the bachelors and higher levels. Also benefiting from other  universities’ experiences, taking into consideration the need s of the local market to the different types of accounting, finance, auditing, banking, stock markets,…Etc.  Also, we seek to have a leading role in serving the society in opening new ways of research in accounting and finance and to have a leading role in serving the community.

Now the department gives three degrees at the Bachelors level in three different programs: Accounting, finance and banking and financial technology in addition to the masters in accounting.

With best regards

 Acting Head of Financial and Accounting Sciences Department

Dr.Ahmad Marei