The Middle East Travel and Tourism Development Network was established by Middle East University in 2018 based on the University’s belief in the importance of travel and tourism. As travel and tourism can transform the lives of individuals and societies by widening their understanding of various cultures and societies, the Network believes that it is important to work towards creating a responsible, environmentally sustainable and accessible tourism industry for all, and is dedicated to accomplishing this.

The Middle East Travel and Tourism Development Network is regionally oriented and therefore aims to maximise the benefits and unleash the full potential of the local travel and tourism industry in Jordan to create positive economic and social developments in the Middle East region. For this reason, it operates in alignment with the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs: 2030), Middle East Travel and Tourism Network, and commits to the principles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism – a policy paper adopted by the United Nations World Tourism Organization UNWTO General Assembly in 1999 and the United Nations General Assembly in 2001.