Vision and Mission Faculty Information Technology

Achieving global excellence in learning, education, and research in the fields of information technology

Providing an environment that enhances creativity and excellence within the field of information technology, taking into consideration the needs of the local community

1. Achieving excellence in the field of information technology at the academic and research levels.

2. Developing the academic programs to keep abreast with modern technological developments.

3. Introducing new study programs based on the labor market. 4. Improving student cognitive, intellectual, and professional skills.

5. Providing an environment conducive for research for all involved in the process.

6. Recruiting academic and technical faculty members of excellent standing.

7. Developing the skills and abilities of faculty members in line with developments in science and technology.

8. Adapting pioneering projects which serve the community.

9. Activating the ability of communicating with institutions related to the information technology field.

10. Upgrading the teaching-learning process based on technological and scientific developments.