Department Head Message

The department of business administration started its journey at Middle East University in the beginning of the academic year 2008-2009 as one of the main pillars of the faculty of business, and since its establishment the department has been seeking to prepare students to go through labor market challenges, by offering advanced study plans and keeping pace with the rapid changes in the world of finance and business.
As the Middle East University’s believes in the foundations of governance in selection, recruitment, training and motivation of all members from the academic and administrative bodies, the department has been keen to attract faculty members who hold scientific degrees from reputable and international universities who are highly qualified and distinguished in the fields of teaching and scientific research. The department also strives to provide a creative and supportive scientific environment for the purpose of improving the learning process and developing the creative skills of students.
In view of the high competitiveness between academic institutions locally and internationally, the department of business administration is currently seeking to obtain the most well-known international accreditations to grow up in academic programs on international level such as the international accreditation of business schools (AACSB), along with national quality certificates.
The department currently includes four undergraduate programs (Business Administration, Marketing, E-Marketing and Social Communication, Business Intelligence) and a master degree of business Administration.

Acting Head of Business Administration Dep.

Prof. Abdel-Aziz ِAl-Sharabati