Alumni Features

Bachelor Programmers

Business Administration

Business Administration graduates are qualified for the following:

  • A graduate of the Department of Business Administration can work in various business organizations, such as banks, ministries, and official and unofficial governmental bodies.
  • A graduate of the Department of Business Administration can practice a trade, establish and manage small and medium-sized enterprises
  • A business administration graduate can work in the management consulting sector.


The career path of marketing department graduates depends on the experiences and skills that the students possess, and the cumulative years of experience in the environment of business organizations, where the marketing graduate can occupy one of these job titles depending on the above:
• Customers Service
• Sales Representative
• Marketing Coordinator
• Marketing Analyst
• Product Manager
• Brand Manager
• Marketing Communications Manager
• Distribution Manager
• Sales Manager
• Marketing Manager
• Marketing Consultant
• Marketing Executive Director


Business Intelligence

The successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Intelligence (BI) should prepare graduate for important job opportunities in companies and organizations of all sizes and specializations, including:
• Data Analytics Specialist
• System Developer
• Data Scientist
• Data Warehousing Consultant
• Business developer
• Business Analyst
• Business Consultant