The Procurement and Tenders Department ensures the smooth operation of the University as no institution can run without the necessary equipment. The Department is mainly responsible for receiving the applications from faculties and departments requesting the purchase of certain equipment, looking for the tenders offering the best deals on purchasing the necessary equipment in coordination with the Financial Office, and ensuring its delivery to the employees at the University who requested its purchase.
The Department’s approaches all its duties with a sense of team spirit and is dedicated to answering any and all requests made by MEU’s employees within a reasonable timeframe in the most financially efficient way.

Mission of Procurement & Tendering Department

1- Receiving applications of purchases from the university faculties and offices.

2- Preparing bids of tenders to embark on purchasing.

3- Observing and auditing decisions of settlement of tenders and technical recommendation in terms of selecting the price, country of origin , delivery period, item name, kind of unit , number of units. Discussing the demanding direction in the clause on which there are questions by the recommendation of the head of department.

4 – Preparing orders of purchase and following up receiving the items from the bidding company.

5- Matching the received items and bills of the companies together with the purchase orders issued by the office.

6- Following up all issues of bails presented by companies in coordination with the Financial Office .

Essential Values

1 – Collective work in the spirit of a team .

2 – Faithfulness, truth, loyalty and commitment.

3 – Planning, continuous development, and facing up to problems before they happen .

4 – Transparency and justice in work .

5 – Honoring laws and enabling and controlling the workers’ powers for realizing public interest.

6 – Following up and satisfying the purchaser according to available potentials and standing laws.

7 – The traditional explanation of the goal of purchasing is purchasing suitable quantities which have suitable quality and suitable price, from suitable importing sources, and at the suitable time. This seems a logical explanation. We may summarize the goals of the Office of Tenders and Purchases as follows

8 – Supporting all kinds of activities in the university by securing the continuous inflow of purchases.

9 – Purchasing on the basis of competition . Here, one follows the forces of supply and demand which determine prices and the available quantities of the needed goods which affect prices. However, sound purchasing requires continuous search which results in gathering information about the price , the quality and the service. It is difficult for the purchaser who plunges in the world of competition to stand on equal footing with his competitors if he pays a higher price . On the other hand , the purchaser who purchases an expensive commodity while he can replace it with one of a lower price is not doing sound purchasing .

10 – Withholding the invested money in store for a short time, and assessing the possibility of loss which the stored money may face such as long-standing storage , erosion , robbery, etc.

11 – Arriving at the most appropriate importing source . This is one of the most important goals , especially if the other offices think that purchasing implies paying large sums to an importing source .

12 – Developing public relations with importing sources. Under close relations , many obstacles which must emerge between the purchaser and the importer can be overcome. Under strong relations between the two parties , the importer provides the purchaser with considerable useful information about new commodities and offers the best services to his permanent customers.

13 – Realizing clear integration between the Office of Tenders and Purchases and the university faculties and offices. This means presenting all information gathered from importers to faculties and offices to study them. This includes understanding the needs of deanships and offices which are translated to external importers . The Office of Tenders and Purchases is , therefore , the information center for the requirements of the teaching process.